filming & video production

With superfast broadband speeds on both wifi and 3g/4g devices. Videos are fast becoming a standard way to tell your story, make an impression and sell on online!.
Services we can provide include…
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[toggle title=’Event videos’]
We can cover all form of events such as launches, conferences, corporate staff parties, meetings, debate filming, sporting, school, live stage, concerts and similar events to provide recordings of the events.

[toggle title=’Online Internet Video for your website’]
Video Production with SEO and internet focus is a fast growing area.
Video content is being used in an ever growing range of scenarios on websites in order to help users achieve their goals. There are testimonial videos, web presenter videos, help section videos, interviews with well known industry experts, product demonstrations, & training videos

[toggle title=’Business videos / profiles’]
Gone are the days of using printed brochures to inform, sell and expose your business. Business videos give a closer insight into what you do, where you do it and how you do it. We encourage business owners to give a personal touch by the way of interviews to share their passion and love for the business.

[toggle title=’Real Estate / Architectural Videos’]
Video Production of shooting footage of properties and editing them into short videos; the final videos will include footage, graphics, titles, animations, and if needed a voice over.
These videos are becoming a very popular way to showcase homes and properties through social media platforms giving a more 3D feel rather than a photograph.

[toggle title=’Tutorial/Training/Role Play Videos’]
..business and… use these to promote changes in workforce. This can range throughout the organization from training for those that need to learn simple, repetitive tasks and up to executive training. In addition, organizations often purchase or rent more generic training videos to minimize costs. Such videos would include safety, first aid, time management, sales skills, etc. Role play videos give an insight to the day to day challenges that may be faced in the work place and how best to deal with them.

[toggle title=’Promotional videos’]
A great way to promote an event or product.

[toggle title=’Corporate Videos’]
Corporate video film production covers a wide range of purposes from corporate communication, training and education films, videotaping conferences and conventions, products and services, and sales.

[toggle title=’Gym & Fitness Videos’]
Videos are the ideal media to showcase the equipment, facilities and classes in your gym. Personal trainers and your customers can benefit from exercise videos, equipment functionality and provide fitness programmes. Videos advertising promotions, deals and events which can be played on tv screens throughout the gym.

As well as production we can help with Video Marketing on Youtube, from setting up a channel to making the most of it!
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